Five Steps To Troubleshoot Your Furnace Issues

Sometimes, your furnace is running just fine. Other times, it doesn't work. When this happens, it can be frustrating, especially when winter hits. No one wants to be as cold inside as they are outside during this time of year. You may be wondering what the solution is, whether or not you need a professional to provide furnace repair.

Use these five steps to troubleshoot your furnace issues and see if furnace service is necessary:

Check the Thermostat

This might be obvious to you, but it really is the first place to check. Many service calls end up being ridiculously short due to the thermostat not being set or turned on correctly. Therefore, check it first when you notice your furnace working incorrectly. A loose wire or battery might be your culprit, too.

Stay On Top of Filter Maintenance

If your furnace is producing less warmth than it used to, you could be dealing with dirty or clogged filters. These actively prevent your furnace from being efficient and could even make it turn off before it has actually heated your house. If you notice or suspect a dirty filter, a professional HVAC contractor can help you or make suggestions.

Watch for Duct Leaks

Have you ever noticed a room being cold even when your heating source is turned on? This could be caused by certain holes or gaps in your duct system. Before that step, however, make sure your vents are actually open in that room. It seems simple, but it's an honest mistake that many people make. If that doesn't work, call in a professional to examine your ducts and spaces within the rest of the system that might be contributing to a loss of air flow.

Clean Out the Flue

Your exhaust or chimney flue could attract birds and thus they could fall in and cause issues. If you think this is an issue, call in your specialist to have them clean out any potential blockage and fire the system back up.

Check For Gas

If someone switches off the gas, it will shut down the furnace's ability to heat anything. Make sure this is in working order.

Cold weather can offer a chance for the whole family to get cozy indoors. The furnace acts as the heart of your home, pumping warm, comforting air throughout every room. However, it's never fun when it stops working. If your furnace is out of order, try these troubleshooting tips and don't hesitate to consult a professional for repairs.

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