HVAC Vent Cleaning

You may be conscientious about HVAC maintenance in your home. You consistently replace your filters and have the system checked at least once a year. When your technician suggested cleaning your vents, you may have hesitated. Is this job really necessary? Although you can "get by" without having it done, the process does offer you several advantages.


The health benefits of vent cleaning tend to be anecdotal. In other words, no scientific study proves that this process improves your health, but it is reasonable to assume that cleaner vents spread less dust around your home. As a result, your family may experience fewer allergy symptoms after a thorough cleaning. If you have very young or elderly family members, you should take extra steps to keep excellent air quality in your home. Guarding their respiratory health just makes sense. Experts also recommend this procedure if you have either a mold or pest infestation that has taken root in your home's ventilation system. You can only benefit by limiting your family's exposure to these hazards.

System Efficiency

Everyone agrees that keeping your vents clean can make your heating and cooling system more efficient. A professional service will use special equipment such as blowers and brushes to get the dirt and debris out of the intake and return ducts in your house. They will also clean your registers, fans, coils, and other components of your unit. Improved air flow puts less stress on your system and allows it to better heat and cool your home. Cleaning the ducts can mean fewer repairs in your future.


Professionals may disagree on how often your ducts need to be cleaned. Some people schedule cleanings regularly, even yearly. Others have it done after renovations. If you have pets in your home, you may want to schedule cleanings every year or so. Other factors, including smoking and weather conditions, may necessitate more frequent cleaning.  You can consult with your HVAC professional on what schedule works for you and your system.

Duct cleaning is not considered as an essential maintenance task by some, but many people believe it helps their home's air quality as well as protects their system from unnecessary wear. Most professionals agree that cleaning the ducts can improve air flow, a vital factor in your HVAC system's efficiency. A good cleaning can also ensure that hazardous materials such as mold do not camp out in your ducts. If you haven't had your ducts cleaned recently, you should probably schedule a cleaning soon.