Keeping Cool When Your Air Conditioner Is On The Fritz

If you have central air conditioning in your home, you undoubtedly have enjoyed the cooling benefit it provides during hotter weather. If your air conditioning is currently not working well at cooling your home efficiently, calling an HVAC service to take a look at the reasoning for this situation is necessary. In warmer months when your entire neighborhood is struggling with hotter weather, you may find you need to wait a day or two for service if many people are in need of assistance. Here are a few ways you can keep cool when waiting for a service call worker to arrive:

Keep On Top Of Windows And Coverings

It is important to keep your curtains, draperies, or shades drawn during the sunniest times of the day. This will aid in keeping the interior of your home at a cooler temperature at times sunlight is abundant outdoors. When the sun goes down and nighttime arrives, open your windows to allow cooler air to get inside of the home. As soon as daylight arrives once again, close all windows to help keep the cooler air inside.

Use Ice And Cold Beverages To Cool Off As Necessary

Keep several trays of ice cubes on hand inside of your freezer to help you cool off when you feel the temperature has gotten too hot inside of your home. Rubbing a cube along the back of your neck, the top of your back, or near your armpits will help to instantly refresh your body with pleasing coolness. Make it a priority not to move around too much during times air conditioning is not present, as you will find yourself sweating more often, leading to the depletion of valuable nutrients from your body. Drink cool beverages often to keep hydrated. Some find that placing a small fan in front of a bowl of ice cubes and directing the air flow to their face will help to cool them off right away.

Monitor Usage Of Appliances Inside Of The Home

Each time you use an appliance in your home, it will emit heat. It is important to refrain from using electronics and heating devices such as stoves, washing machines, and dryers until times of the day where it is not as hot outdoors. Wait until after the sun goes down to tend to your laundry. It is a good idea to hang your clothing rather than use a dryer if your air conditioning is not working. Instead of using your stove or oven, use a barbecue outdoors or make cold foods like salads or sandwiches. This will help to keep the temperature level in your home at a tolerable level.

Contact local HVAC services for more information and assistance.