Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready For Winter

As outdoor temperatures begin to cool, you likely find yourself relying less and less on your air conditioner to keep your home's interior temperature comfortable. Getting your outdoor air conditioning unit ready for winter is important when it comes to ensuring the unit will be ready to service your home the following spring.

Here are three tips that you can use to prepare your outdoor unit to withstand the harsh winter months ahead.

1. Cut the electrical power to your outdoor unit.

The first thing that you should do when getting your outdoor air conditioner ready for winter is eliminate any electrical power flowing into the unit. Cutting the power prevents the air conditioner from kicking on should there be an unusually warm day during the coming winter.

In order to ensure that no stray electrical currents interfere with the dormancy of your outdoor air conditioner, switch the circuit powering your unit to the off position.

2. Protect exposed pipes.

Freezing pipes are a major concern when it comes to outdoor electrical units during the cold winter months. Should low outdoor temperatures cause exposed pipes within your air conditioner to freeze, these pipes could burst and render your outdoor unit useless when temperatures begin to rise once again.

To prevent problems with frozen pipes, you should take the time to insulate any exposed pipes against the cold winter temperatures. Wrap foam pipe covers around all exposed pipes and secure the covers in place with duct tape. The foam covers will help to shield exposed pipes against the biting cold, preventing them from becoming damaged during the winter.

3. Wash your air conditioner thoroughly.

As you prepare your outdoor air conditioning unit for winter, it's important that you take the time to thoroughly clean the unit before you wrap a tarp or protective cover around it. Bird droppings, leaves, and other debris that sits on the surface of your outdoor air conditioner through the winter can begin to deteriorate and cause serious damage to your air conditioner.

Taking a hose to your outdoor unit and cleaning it thoroughly will ensure that the air conditioner is ready to perform properly when spring rolls around. Just be sure that you allow the air conditioner to dry completely before you wrap it to ensure no moisture becomes trapped inside.

Taking the time to properly prepare your outdoor air conditioning unit for winter ensures that your home's cooling system will perform properly in the future. Contact a service, like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc., for more help.