How To Prep Your HVAC For A Winter

With winter coming quickly, homeowners are trying to get their HVAC system ready. Transitioning from using your air conditioner to furnace on a daily basis is usually not that hard. In fact, some people don't have to do anything at all. However, if you want both systems to remain as efficient as possible, there are a few things you should do. This article explains how to transition your HVAC system and prepare it for winter.

Covering Your Air Conditioner

The first thing you should do is cover your air conditioner if you are not going to be using it anymore. Most air conditioners come with a simple vinyl cover. However, these covers are usually a little flimsy, and definitely not strong enough if you live somewhere where it snows during the winter. You can easily reinforce your cover with bungee cords and one piece of plywood. Basically, you just cut a place of plywood to the exact exact size of the top of your air conditioner. Place this plywood on to the air conditioner top and then put the cover over it. Then, use the bungee cords on the bottom of the cover to hold it down. This way, if snow settles lands and builds up on your air conditioner, it won't soak through the cover and compromise the main compartment.

Adjusting Your Air Registers

Another important thing you need to do is clean and adjust your air registers. Most likely, you had your air registers adjusted during the summer to keep your home as cool as possible. The rooms that got hot during the summer are not necessarily going to be the same rooms that got get cold during the winter. So, you often need to make these adjustments to maximize the efficiency of your airflow. Even just adjusting a few registers to make sure the air flows efficiently and to the right rooms is going to be make your system more efficient.

Change Your Air Filters

This transitional phase is also a great chance to replace your air filters. Even if your filters don't look like they are hundred percent dirty, it is a good idea to replace them at this point, while you are thinking about them, and while you are in the process of working on your HVAC system. Usually, homeowners wait too long and the filters end up getting dirty and they aren't doing their job

With these simple things done, your HVAC will be more prepared for winter. Contact a service like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning Inc for more information.