Furnace Flue: Do You Need To Service It Soon?

As a homeowner, you may think your furnace is the most crucial part of your heating system. Although your furnace is the main component in your heating system, so is the flue connected to it. The flue releases toxins, such as carbon monoxide, out of your furnace. If the flue fails, it may affect your furnace. The following reasons are why you need to service your furnace flue today.

What Should You Know About Furnace Flues?

Most people associate flues with chimneys and fireplaces. However, flues are also important features of a gas furnace. A gas furnace flue works with the combustion chamber inside the appliance to guide and discharge gases out of the system. If the flue clogs up with years of soot, animal debris, and dust, it can backfire. 

If you do have a clogged flue on your hands, you will notice some soot on the top of your furnace. Soot is a byproduct of the combustion chamber. There may also be rust or corrosive substances between joints of the flue. The surfaces inside your furnace may also appear sooty. The gases moving through the furnace's combustion chamber may back up into the appliance. 

If you allow the flue to remain clogged, it can allow carbon monoxide to build up inside your basement, home, or both. Eventually, the combustion chamber and/or furnace will fail. To avoid these dangerous conditions, call a local HVAC contractor for help. 

How Do You Service the Flue?

An HVAC contractor can disengage the flue from your furnace and inspect it for clogs. If debris is inside the flue, a contractor can use a tool or vacuum to remove it. A contractor can also check the flue for corrosion. If a contractor does find corrosion on the flue, they may remove the substance for you.

A heating or furnace repair technician will also examine the appliance's combustion chamber during the visit. The chamber may have a crack inside the housing, or it may have damage in the ignition system. A contractor can give you a list of things they can do to solve the issues, such as replace the furnace or install a new ignition system in it. 

After services, a repair technician may offer to check your flue again in the future. If your flue is old, you may want to have your flue and/or furnace maintained often.

If the flue in your home isn't as clean or sound as it should be, contact a heating repair company for services today.