5 Ways To Control Your Air Conditioning Bills During The Hot Summer Months

As summer rolls along and the days get hotter and longer, your air conditioner has to work harder to keep your home cool. This usually means your power bills go up too. Here are five ideas for helping your AC run more efficiently so you can keep your summer cooling bills as low as possible.

1. Keep Your AC In Good Repair

Your air conditioner depends on annual cleaning and preventative maintenance to run efficiently. Be sure to schedule an annual service call at the beginning of summer, and if you forget, call as soon as you remember or your AC may not perform very well as summer progresses.

An air conditioner that's clean and that has parts that function optimally will keep your home cooler and will run more efficiently. Not only that, but an air conditioner that's serviced properly can also avoid costly breakdowns that leave you without cool air on hot days.

2. Reduce Solar Warming Of Your Home

Help your AC by keeping solar heat out of your home when possible. This might mean keeping drapes closed over the south and west windows during the day. You might also want to invest in an awning for a patio door that faces west so the glass is shielded from the sun.

3. Seal Air Leaks

You can improve the energy efficiency of your home by improving insulation and stopping air leaks. If you can't afford new insulation or if your insulation is fine, then focus on blocking air leaks. This not only keeps hot air outdoors in the summer, but it also keeps hot air indoors in the winter so you enjoy benefits from your efforts all months of the year. Caulk around pipes and windows so there are no gaps that let chilled air outside or hot air indoors.

4. Protect The Condenser

The AC unit that sits outside in the sun and rain is tough, but it still needs to be protected from damage. If the fins get flattened, airflow is blocked. Keep weeds and branches trimmed away.

Also, don't let kids or pets play around the condenser or leave things propped against it. You may even want to build an attractive cage around the unit that allows airflow but that keeps everything else away.

5. Change The Filter Monthly

Changing the filter seems like a simple task that doesn't have much importance. However, a dirty filter will keep your AC from being efficient. A clogged filter can even cause your AC to break down. You'll need to call an AC service to deep clean your air conditioner and make repairs, but the most important job of all can be done by you, and that's changing the filter once a month or as often as directed by the air conditioner manufacturer.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning contractor.