2 Noises Indicating A Problem With Your Home’s Heat Pump

When you rely on a heat pump to keep your house warm, you are most likely used to the sounds it normally makes when it kicks off and on as well as while the pump is running. However, lately, you may have noticed that the unit has gotten louder and is making unusual noises. If so, there are a couple of sounds of which you should be aware that indicate there is a problem with your home's heat pump.

1.  Banging Noises While the Pump Is Running

One noise that should alert you to a possible problem with your heat pump is a banging sound that is heard while the pump is running. If you are hearing this sound, there are a couple of possible causes behind it.

First, one of the components may have become loose or knocked out of alignment. The fan may be loose and is hitting the walls beside it. Or, one of the anchor bolts may have come out of the motor's housing and is causing it to shake.

Second, the noise could be caused by a worn-out or loose bearing inside of the motor itself and need to be replaced. In either case, a professional should be called to make the necessary repairs.

2.  Hissing Sounds Heard Either While the Unit Is on or Directly After 

Another alarming noise that may be coming from your heat pump is the sound of hissing that is heard either while the unit is running or directly after it kicks off. To keep the heat flowing through the unit, the refrigerant is converted to a gas within the pump that then pushes the heat through the lines.

If you are hearing hissing noises, there is most likely a refrigerant leak either within the pump or the lines. Because the coolant is hazardous to the environment as well as to health, a repair service should be called promptly to ascertain where the leak is so that they can fix it.

No matter what is causing the noise, the unit should be looked at by a professional as soon as possible to avoid further damage and to keep the pump from failing completely when you need it the most. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers heat pump repair services to schedule a time for them to come out and inspect the unit so that they may take the necessary action to fix any issues that they may discover.