Ductless Heating Systems? 3 Reasons To Consider Installation

Ductless heating systems, sometimes called mini-split heating and air conditioning system, have become popular in many areas of the country. Quick to install and efficient to operate, these HVAC options can be an excellent way to provide reliable heating and cooling in homes, businesses, and many other types of structures. 

If you have heard about ductless heating systems but are unsure of whether they would work for your situation, here are three examples of their benefits for you to consider. 

When you add on to your home 

Enlarging your home with one or more rooms is a good way to increase its value and your family's enjoyment of the space. Whether it's a bedroom, office, sun porch, or any other room, it will need to be serviced by some type of reliable heating and cooling option. 

Homeowners who do not want to add the cost of extending their home's HVAC ducts to their home addition project should consider the alternative of a ductless mini-split system. Mini-splits are compact and require only a few square inches of interior wall space, making them perfect for small additions to the home. 

When your home and budget are both compact

Another excellent use for a ductless HVAC system is when either your home or your budget is relatively small. Those that choose to build a micro-home, such as a shed conversion, shabin, or tiny home on wheels often do so to save money or live a more minimalistic life. Since homes of this type are usually quite small, the installation of traditional ducts would take up too much space and be too expensive for most of these homeowners to consider. 

When setting up a separate space

Another instance in which a mini-split ductless system offers a great option is when you are adding a separate space to your home, such as when you are adding a workshop, studio, or crafting space in a backyard shed or detached garage. Because these are separate spaces, connecting to the home's HVAC system is generally not possible. Instead, homeowners who want to add this type of separate space and ensure that it is comfortable to use throughout the year can opt for a ductless system, instead. 

Ductless HVAC systems are available in a variety of sizes for many different heating and cooling needs. In addition to single head units, homeowners can choose units with multiple heads to cover larger areas. To learn more about ductless heating system installation, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.