Issues An HVAC System Can Experience

A problem with the HVAC system of your home can have the biggest impact on the comfort of yourself and your family. Air conditioning systems can be especially prone to failures that have dire impacts on the interior temperature of your house.

Damage To The System's Coils

An air conditioning system will circulate a refrigerant through a series of coils. This way, the heat that was absorbed by this fluid can be released. If the coils become damaged in any way, it can lead to disruptions to the flow of this fluid or even the development of a leak. Repairing the damage that has occurred to the coils of your system will first require these issues to be found. This will be difficult because the coils are beneath the casing of the system. Routine air conditioning system inspections by professionals is an easy way of having these coils inspected for damage.

Compressor Performance Issues

The compressor is another critical component of your home's air conditioning system. This compressor is also the part of the air conditioning unit that will be at the greatest risk of suffering a potentially major failure. When the compressor fails, the system may be unable to effectively circulate the refrigerant, and this can lead to a noticeable decrease in cooling output. In some cases, the compressor may even overheat, which can cause it to shut off completely until it has had enough time to cool off. Replacing an air conditioning unit's compressor is a fairly complicated process, and you must use the right type of compressor to ensure the system's cooling capacity is restored to its previous capabilities.


There are a number of ways that clogs can impact the performance of your air conditioning system. Clogs that reduce the movement of air through the unit can lead to the system overheating or struggling to provide sufficient air output. In addition to air clogs, the system can also experience a drain clog that may prevent water from being able to leave the unit. Whether this water is from the rain or due to ample condensation forming, most of these systems will be designed in a way that will allow a homeowner to easily remove clogs from the vents and the drain of the air conditioning system. These clogs should be removed as soon as they form to keep them from impacting the performance of the system.

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