4 Different Types Of Furnaces To Power A Central Heating System

If you want to keep your home warm, one way to do that is by using a central heating system. A central heating system aims to provide heat for multiple rooms in your home via heat generated in a central location.

One way to heat a central heating system is with a furnace. Furnaces are a popular residential heating system as they are long-lasting, affordable, and don't make that much noise when they operate. When it comes to furnaces, there are four different types of furnaces to choose from.

Type #1: Gas Furnace

One of the most commonly used types of furnaces is a gas furnace. With a gas furnace, gas comes out of a burner, where it is ignited and used to create heat to warm up the air in the furnace. That heated air is then pumped throughout the ductwork and into your home. Gas is one of the most common types of furnaces because gas is considered to be an affordable energy source.

Type #2: Oil Furnace

Another type of furnace is an oil furnace. With an oil furnace, the oil is heated up to warm up the air. Then, this warm air is circulated into the home. Using oil as fuel is not generally considered a very cost-effective way to heat homes; however, oil is often used as a fuel source in really cold environments, as the oil can heat up even in really cold temperatures. In addition, oil is often used as a fuel source in cold environments where gas isn't accessible.

Type #3: Electric Furnace

Another option is an electric furnace. An electric furnace heats air using an electric heating element. Electric furnaces tend to be smaller than gas and oil furnaces and are used in smaller spaces. Electric furnaces are most often used in areas where it isn't possible to use natural gas. They are designed to use electricity efficiently.

Type #4: Modulated Furnace

A modulated furnace is a particular type of gas furnace. A modulated furnace doesn't turn on and off; it is designed to run continually. This may sound counterintuitive, but a modulated furnace works by burning gas to reach a set temperature and then using a small amount of energy to maintain that temperature.

If you want to heat your home, a central heating system powered by a furnace is an excellent way to go. You will want to examine the fuel sources you have available to you to determine what type of residential heating system you need.