2 Reasons You Should Not Perform DIY Repairs on Your Central AC System

After noticing that your home's air conditioning does not seem to be working properly, you may have decided that you will attempt to diagnose the issue yourself> After researching a few things online, you may feel confident that you can fix the unit without any problems.

However, think twice before you attempt to perform any do-it-yourself repairs on your home's central A/C system. There are a couple of reasons why you should avoid doing the job yourself and should leave the work to a professional instead.

1.  Risk of Causing Further Damage

One reason why you should forget about DIY repairs is that you run a high risk of damaging one of the coolant lines. Even if you do not think that you will be working anywhere around the lines, one misstep with a screwdriver and pair of pliers could puncture them.

If you damage a line, the toxic fumes from the coolant can pass into your home through the vents, and the area surrounding the unit will become contaminated. It is better to have a licensed professional perform any work around the coolant lines.

2.  You Could Void the Warranty

Along with the risk of damaging the coolant lines, another reason why you should leave the repairs to a professional instead of doing it yourself has to do with the warranty. More than likely, if you perform any DIY work on the system besides basic maintenance such as changing the air filter, the warranty will become void.

Even if you believe that you may be able to get away with minor repairs, the next time a major issue comes up with the unit, it will be evident that you worked on it yourself. To keep your warranty in good standing, a contractor who is licensed to do repairs on A/C systems should be used.

While attempting minor repairs on your home's central A/C unit may seem simple enough, you run a high risk of damaging a coolant line and releasing its toxic fumes into your home as well as into the surrounding area. You may also void the warranty if you attempt DIY repairs, which would make it necessary for you to pay out of pocket for any future problems.

Instead of attempting the repairs yourself, contact an HVAC contractor in your area that offers air conditioning system repair services to discuss your options. They can help you navigate the necessary repairs without causing more issues.