Why Is My AC Thermostat Display Blank? Find Out

A working air conditioner keeps your indoor space cool and cozy during the summer. In addition, your cooling unit must have a working thermostat to power on and operate effectively. This component also helps you regulate temperatures to your liking. If your thermostat goes blank, you need AC repair as soon as possible. Here are possible reasons why your thermostat's screen is blank.

Wiring Problems

Your thermostat has different electrical components that help it to function optimally. Sometimes, connections or wiring become loose. When this happens, the display might go blank without warning. Keep in mind that trying to fix these issues could be dangerous, and you may suffer an electric shock.

It would be best to hire an AC contractor to inspect your thermostat and fix the problems. That way, the component will display the settings properly on the screen.

Dead Batteries

If your thermostat operates using batteries, they could be the root cause of a blank display. Dead batteries can result in thermostat malfunction. You need a new set of batteries to restore normal working when this happens.

There could be further underlying problems if you fit the new batteries and the device doesn't power on. You may reach out to a technician who will inspect your thermostat and fix it immediately.

Float Switch Mishaps

A float switch is a safety feature that safeguards your thermostat and AC. This component can turn off your cooling unit when it senses problems such as excessive moisture. This could be caused by a blocked drain line creating moisture that can damage your home's structural integrity.

The float switch can also shut off your cooling unit if there's overheating. As a result, your thermostat's screen won't show anything until you schedule an AC repair. An air conditioning contractor will check the different parts that can trigger this security switch and fix any lurking problems.

Clogged Thermostat

Dirt and dust can clog your thermostat and lead to a sudden breakdown. Consequently, this device won't display anything on the screen since it's already faulty. At this point, you need a professional to look for any obstruction in your thermostat.

The technician will then unscrew the thermostat and remove any buildup. Bear in mind that this device can be quite delicate. Therefore, it would be prudent if you left the cleaning task to the experts. A professional may also identify other mishaps and fix them to boost performance.

Your thermostat could be blank due to any of the above reasons. An air conditioning contractor will help manage the hot and humid summers.