Signs You Need To Repair Your AC Compressor Now

If you hear an odd clanking, buzzing, or knocking sound coming from your outdoor AC unit, ask an HVAC contractor to inspect the unit's compressor soon. You may need to test the compressor, or even replace it. Learn more about your AC compressor and how to get the services you need for it below.

What's an AC Compressor and How Does It Fail?

An AC compressor is a vital or essential component in your cooling system. The part keeps the system going by turning heated refrigerant gas into a cool liquid. The compressor also undergoes great stress every time you use your cooling system. The compressor can gradually fail and no longer work when you need it.

The compressor must stay within a certain temperature to avoid failure. If the part becomes too hot, it can slowly overheat. The overheating part may prematurely turn off as well. 

The compressor can also experience major problems if the condenser coil or another part inside the unit becomes dirty, clogged, or broken. The condenser coil must eject heat out of the unit for the compressor to operate properly. If the coil doesn't eject heat out of the unit, it can backtrack to the compressor instead.   

If the compressor inside your outdoor AC unit does overheat and shut off, it can make odd buzzing or clanking sounds as it attempts to cool down and restart itself. If the part can't cool down enough to restart, it may shut down completely.

You can try to fix your unit's compressor yourself. However, the compressor sits deep within the outdoor unit's housing. You may need to remove multiple parts from the unit to access the compressor properly. 

The best way to solve your compressor's issues is to allow an HVAC contractor to examine it for you.

What Can You Do About a Bad Compressor?

An HVAC contractor will need to remove the outer casing from the unit to access the compressor inside it. After a repair contractor locates the compressor, they'll run mechanical and electrical tests on it. 

If the tests show that the compressor will fail soon, a contractor will most likely recommend you replace the entire unit. The compressor needed for your cooling system may be more expensive to order and install than the unit itself. It may also be better and more cost-effective for your family if you replace the indoor unit as well. The indoor unit may eventually succumb to issues in the future as well.

For more details about your AC compressor, speak to an AC systems repair contractor today.