Why Aren’t All Of Your AC Vents Working?

When an HVAC contractor designs an AC system, they choose the vent locations carefully. The vents are placed in specific areas to ensure the home is able to be cooled as thoroughly and evenly as possible. So, if some of your AC vents are not working — little or no cool air is coming from them – that is something you need to take action to address. Keep reading to learn the possible reasons why this can occur, and what an HVAC contractor can do in each case.

Broken Vent Cover Levers

Many vent covers have a little lever that you can lift to open the vent or push down to close the vent. If this little lever breaks, the vent may get stuck in the down or closed position, and then air will not come out. In this situation, an HVAC contractor will usually just replace the vent cover. Vent covers do not cost much, and they are quite easy to replace. The new vent cover will have an operable lever, so you can push the lever up and keep the vent open.

Blocked Vents

It's possible that there is an obstruction in the ducts. The obstruction could be blocking air from reaching some of the vents. The material causing the obstruction could have fallen down into a vent from the rooftop. Or, it could be a nest built by a bird or rodent that made its way into the ducts. An HVAC contractor can send a camera into the ducts to find any obstructions. When they do locate an obstruction, they can usually use a special grabber tool to grasp it and pull it out. This should restore airflow to all of your vents.

Struggling Blower Motor

Your AC unit is paired with a big fan known as a whole home fan or blower. If the motor in this fan starts to struggle, it may not push air through the ducts as quickly as it should. The vents furthest from the fan may receive little to no air. Common problems with blower motors include worn ball bearings and torn fan belts. An HVAC contractor can usually fix these problems, and if they can't, they can replace the whole blower motor.

If some of your ducts are not giving off cold air, call an HVAC service such as Priority Heating and Air. These problems are all fairly easy for them to fix. You deserve to have an evenly-cooled home with fully functional vents.