DIY Projects: Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer brings hot weather and the need to keep your home cool. Turning the AC on is an option, but it can become expensive. This post will be sharing some DIY projects that can help keep your home cool without having to rely on your AC unit. These are simple and easy-to-execute projects that will save you money and keep you comfortable during the hot summer months. Homemade Solar Cooler: Read More 

Bye, Bye Old Furnace: How Do You Know The Time Has Come?

Furnaces keep you warm and cozy at home, but like all appliances, they do not last forever. Most HVAC companies offer furnace replacement services, and it is not hard to hire one to come to remove your old furnace and put a new one into place. However, you have to know the right time to do this. And the ideal right time is not when your furnace has already failed and left you without heat! Read More 

Understanding Air Conditioner Sizing: A Simple Guide

Whether you are having AC installed for the first time or replacing an existing air conditioner, you're bound to ask the question, "What size do I need?" The thing is, sizing air conditioners is not as straightforward as you might hope. At the same time, once you understand a few basic concepts, sizing your AC unit won't be that hard. How Size Is Measured When it comes to air conditioners, size is not measured in inches or even pounds. Read More 

Do You Require Professional Air Conditioning Repair? 3 Troubleshooting Steps To Help You Decide

The fact that your air conditioning system is not working properly does not always mean that you are in need of professional air conditioning repairs. In some cases, it may be possible to restore function without the help of a professional contractor. If you are trying to decide whether or not it is time to call in an air conditioning professional, taking the time to complete the following three troubleshooting steps can help you to make this important decision. Read More 

Why Aren’t All Of Your AC Vents Working?

When an HVAC contractor designs an AC system, they choose the vent locations carefully. The vents are placed in specific areas to ensure the home is able to be cooled as thoroughly and evenly as possible. So, if some of your AC vents are not working — little or no cool air is coming from them – that is something you need to take action to address. Keep reading to learn the possible reasons why this can occur, and what an HVAC contractor can do in each case. Read More