Issues An HVAC System Can Experience

A problem with the HVAC system of your home can have the biggest impact on the comfort of yourself and your family. Air conditioning systems can be especially prone to failures that have dire impacts on the interior temperature of your house. Damage To The System's Coils An air conditioning system will circulate a refrigerant through a series of coils. This way, the heat that was absorbed by this fluid can be released. Read More 

Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Short Cycling

When a furnace is in good working condition, it will turn on and continue running until your home reaches your desired temperature. Short cycling means that the furnace will turn on for a short amount of time, turn off, then start up again a couple of minutes later. If you notice that your furnace is short cycling, don't brush it off or ignore it — short cycling almost always indicates that there is something wrong with the furnace, and repairs are needed to solve the issue. Read More 

3 Main Reasons To Use An Accredited Service For Air Conditioning Installation

What options do you have when you realize the air conditioning unit is not working because it was installed wrong? The only recourse is to go back to the contractor and have the installation fixed. All the while, your house will not be as comfortable as it should. It is important to have the right people on the job right from the design stage. The only way to guarantee a proper job is to ensure the contractor handling the air conditioning installation is accredited. Read More 

Blower Motor Failure: Repair Or Replace?

When the blower motor fails on your furnace, you have an important decision to make. Should you repair the motor or simply replace the furnace? Cause of Blower Failure When determining whether to fix the blower or replace the entire furnace, consider the cause of the failure. Failures due to maintenance problems, such as poor lubrication or dirt in the system, can have repercussions throughout the furnace. Your tech must do a full inspection to make sure there are no other maintenance issues, such as poorly maintained and cracked burners, that make the furnace unsafe to continue using. Read More 

Applications of Having a Heating Audit Performed

After having a particular heating system in your home for years, you might consider having a heating audit performed. This is where your home's heating system and its efficiency are thoroughly examined by a licensed professional. It can have the following applications if done correctly. Identify Why Heating Bills are High Probably one of the best reasons to have a heating audit performed in the first place is because you're experiencing costly energy bills during cold periods. Read More