Can Your Furnace Still Be Repaired?

If your furnace breaks down unexpectedly, it can be hard making the determination if your furnace needs to be replaced or if it can still be repaired. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if repair is still possible. Has The Furnace Had Problems In The Past? One thing to consider is how often you have problems with your furnace. Is this one of the first problems you have encountered with your furnace, or do you have a history of frequent repairs? Read More 

Three Ways That Ductwork Can Cause Problems For Your Commercial HVAC System

Although it is often ignored, the ductwork that runs between rooms is one of the most crucial parts of any HVAC system. A typical residential home can have 90 feet of ductwork, but commercial structures will have drastically more than this. Ducting is by far the most significant part of any HVAC system, and, although it is not a mechanical part prone to failure, problems can have broad consequences for the performance of your heating and cooling systems. Read More 

Something Feels Off: 5 Subtle Signs Of A/C Issues

Most air conditioning systems are pretty vocal about the need for occasional repair and servicing. Whenever your A/C needs service, chances are you'll see or hear obvious signs such as excessive vibration or a complete loss of cooling. Not every sign is as clear cut or straightforward. There are times when you know something's a bit "off" with your A/C system, but you can't quite pinpoint the problem. That's because your A/C system can deliver plenty of subtle signs that are easy to miss due to their low-key nature. Read More 

Is Your Furnace In Need Of Repairs? Here Are The Signs To Look For

You will want to make sure that you are aware of when your furnace is in need of heating repair. Waiting until the furnace completely stops working is never ideal, because then you and your family will be stuck in the freezing cold. Since staying in a home without heat can be dangerous, you would then have to stay with family or friends, or even end up renting an expensive hotel room. Read More 

When To Call An AC Technician

Every homeowner with an air conditioner (AC) should know when an AC problem requires a technician's input. Here are some of the cases in which you should call a technician.  The AC Keeps Tripping the Breaker If the AC keeps tripping the breaker, it means the AC has an electrical problem. Maybe there is a problem with the motor or the electrical connections to the AC. In any case, you should not reset the breaker every time the AC trips it. Read More