4 Problems That Need Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services

Unless you are a licensed HVAC contractor, assessing and repairing your air conditioning system can be quite hazardous. You could risk exposing yourself to severe injuries or electrocution. Therefore, it is best to leave AC repairs to the experts no matter how much you know about the system. But how do you tell that you need to schedule an air conditioning repair service with the experts? Take a look at some common problems that show you need repair services. Read More 

Checking And Cleaning The Refrigerant Line Is An Important Part Of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is important if you want your AC to keep running all summer without experiencing a breakdown. Plus, maintenance helps your AC operate more efficiently, which is necessary to keep your power bills as low as possible. One part of your AC an air conditioning maintenance technician checks during an annual tune-up is the refrigerant line. Here's some information about the refrigerant line and why maintaining it is so important. Read More 

How To Take Advantage Of A Furnace Replacement To Increase Energy Efficiency

A brand new furnace will almost certainly run more efficiently than your old one, but there are several other steps you can take to make it even better. Different duct systems, zoning systems, and smart thermostats all contribute to a more efficient and flexible heating system that works better and reduces your heating bills. Use Different Ducts While you're having a new heating unit installed, you might see if using different ducts will help boost your efficiency even more. Read More 

2 Reasons You Should Not Perform DIY Repairs on Your Central AC System

After noticing that your home's air conditioning does not seem to be working properly, you may have decided that you will attempt to diagnose the issue yourself> After researching a few things online, you may feel confident that you can fix the unit without any problems. However, think twice before you attempt to perform any do-it-yourself repairs on your home's central A/C system. There are a couple of reasons why you should avoid doing the job yourself and should leave the work to a professional instead. Read More 

Three Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Very Loud

A furnace shouldn't be very loud when it is in operation. However, if your furnace is so loud that it is distracting, it might not only be annoying but the loud noise might also be a sign that there is something wrong with your furnace. The problem might be the result of a blower wheel, the heat exchanger, or the blower motor bearings. 1. Problems with the Blower Wheel When a furnace has a broken blower wheel, you will hear metal scraping against metal and this can create a very loud sound. Read More