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HVAC Vent Cleaning

You may be conscientious about HVAC maintenance in your home. You consistently replace your filters and have the system checked at least once a year. When your technician suggested cleaning your vents, you may have hesitated. Is this job really necessary? Although you can "get by" without having it done, the process does offer you several advantages. Health The health benefits of vent cleaning tend to be anecdotal. In other words, no scientific study proves that this process improves your health, but it is reasonable to assume that cleaner vents spread less dust around your home. Read More 

Why Using A Dirty Air Filter Could Cost You Thousands And Damage Your Health

Most people gauge the effectiveness of their air conditioner on one thing — its ability to keep them cold. The problem with that assumption is that you can do a lot of damage to your ducts and your health by assuming everything's fine because your house is cool. Why? Glad you asked. Bad Air Filters Air conditioning units, like many machines, include multiple parts to help them run as efficiently as possible. Read More 

Types Of Heating And Cooling Systems For The Home

Since the cost of a new heating and cooling system can run into the thousands, you need to understand the differences between the available systems. There are many options and they offer a wide range of benefits. To help you make an informed decision, here is what you need to know about the most commonly installed systems.  Forced Air System A forced air heating and cooling system relies on air to be pushed from the system through your ducts to distribute air. Read More 

Heating Your Home With Biofuel: How Viable Is Biofuel As A Source?

Traditional heating fuels, including oil, gas and even electricity all have one thing in common -- they are all non-renewable. All are considered fossil fuels, which means they are produced using resources that take millions of years to regenerate. Once the sources for these fuels have been depleted, there's no way to reasonably make more, which could mean major changes for how people power machinery, power vehicles and heat their homes in the near future. Read More 

Why Ductless, Mini-Split AC Systems Are Great for Homes without Air Ducts

If your older house does not have central air conditioning, you may want to find out what options you have for staying cool in the hot summer months. There are several different options you could look into, and one of these is having a central AC system installed. The trouble with this is that if your house doesn't have ductwork, it will be a hassle to get a system installed. An alternative to a central AC is a ductless mini-split AC system. Read More