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Dealing With Hot Surface Igniter Problems In Condensing Gas Furnaces

Condensing gas furnaces, also known as high-efficiency furnaces, are prized for their low running costs, and can effectively heat your home using very little natural gas or propane. Unfortunately, like any other type of furnace, they can still suffer from mechanical problems. If your condensing furnace is not producing any heat, the problem may be caused by faults with your furnace's hot surface igniter (or HSI).  How Do Hot Surface Igniters Work? Read More 

Improving Your Home’s Comfort By Upgrading The Air Conditioning System

Installing a new air conditioning system can have a major impact on your comfort in your home. While an air conditioning system is a highly complicated mechanical system, it is still possible for homeowners to be prepared and informed to be able to effectively manage this major change to their homes. Air Conditioning Systems Come In Different Styles Individuals that are in the early stages of choosing a new air conditioning system may be surprised by the variety of styles that are available. Read More 

Heating System Repair: 3 Indicators Of A Faulty Furnace Burner

There is nothing as frustrating as your heating system breaking down in the dead of winter when you need it the most. That's why you should proactively repair your furnace to prevent malfunctions running down the unit. Allowing your designated furnace repair technician to routinely inspect your furnace ensures that damage to components is identified and addressed when it's still minor. Aside from commissioning routine equipment inspection and repair, you should also keep an eye out for telltale signs indicating your furnace could be faulty. Read More 

Why Is My AC Thermostat Display Blank? Find Out

A working air conditioner keeps your indoor space cool and cozy during the summer. In addition, your cooling unit must have a working thermostat to power on and operate effectively. This component also helps you regulate temperatures to your liking. If your thermostat goes blank, you need AC repair as soon as possible. Here are possible reasons why your thermostat's screen is blank. Wiring Problems Your thermostat has different electrical components that help it to function optimally. Read More 

Emergency AC Repair: Why You Need Professional AC Services To Fix A Leaking Air Conditioner

An air conditioning unit plays an important role in cooling your home and creating a comfortable space. But sometimes due to various reasons, the unit may stop working or not work as efficiently as required. One of the common problems that many homeowners experience is a leaking AC system. This is an emergency AC repair that requires immediate attention. The leak can be water leakage or gas leakage. Whenever you notice any kind of leakage from your AC unit, contact an AC repair service immediately for instant repair and maintenance. Read More