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What’s Wrong With Your Ductless Mini-Split?

If you live in a smaller home or an apartment, there is a chance the heating and cooling system you have in place is a ductless mini-split. These systems, which operate free of a connected duct system, are highly-efficient and do perform reliably for a long time most of the time. However, just like any other HVAC system, a ductless mini-split can have problems. If you're having problems with your system, it is best to try and diagnose the issue on your own to ensure the problem is not a simple fix. Read More 

This Is A Real Problem: No Cold Water

It's very common to have times when no hot water is available; maybe the water heater is malfunctioning or has been turned off, or too many people are trying to use the hot-water supply at once. But it is also possible to have the opposite problem: no cold water and all hot water, which can be very uncomfortable if not outright bad for your skin. Sometimes this is a temporary issue due to normal plumbing processes, but other times there are additional factors at play. Read More 

What To Do About Vocs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gases emitted from a wide variety of common liquid and solid products that you probably use around your home. VOCs can be the dangerous byproduct of many of the things that we use to clean our homes. For example, VOCs can be the byproduct of paints, cleaners, disinfectants, fuel, aerosol sprays, and much more. Because of this, VOCs are about 10 times more likely indoors than they are outdoors. Read More 

The Typical Problems Of A Central Air Conditioner

A loud central air conditioning system that doesn't cool down a house in a timely manner can be a pain to deal with. No one wants to wait a long time for their house to cool down when it is hot, especially after having a long day at work or school. The fastest way to pinpoint why the air conditioner isn't functioning properly is through the professional skills of HVAC technicians such as Derek Sawyers Smart Energy Heating & Air. Read More 

How To Fight Higher Utility Bills

When the end of the month comes and you have to pony up money to pay your utility bills, it can be frustrating, especially if it seems like your bills keep getting higher every month. Of course, this is unavoidably going to happen if your HVAC system is aging and losing its efficiency. Your HVAC usually makes up the largest percentage of your energy usage. That is, it takes a lot of electricity to power your furnace and air conditioner. Read More